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Oral RIFL Stylet
Oral RIFL Stylet
Direct Placement Device!
A stylet-based airway management adjunct that enables DIRECT placement of an endotracheal tube exactly where you are viewing.
High Resolution Camera and LCD Screen!
The finest micro camera technology combined with integrated state-of-the-art liquid crystal display (LCD) that rotates 180° for excellent visualization.
Integrated LED Light Source at Camera Tip!
Super Bright LED technology integrated into the tip of scope for outstanding illumination.
Removable Working Length!
The working length of the Video RIFL is easily removed and disinfected while a clean working length can be immediately replaced and the scope is ready for another intubation.
Compact Ergonomic Design!
Designed to be held like a stylet for intuitive use. Working length recessed in handle for the most compact overall length possible.
Complete Airway System!
The Video RIFL is a complete airway management solution. It can be used to intubate with the new RIFL Guide, a standard laryngoscope, many intubating supraglottic devices and as a standalone.
Multiple Applications!
The video RIFL can be used to intubate with a patient in a C-Collar or to do awake intubations. In addition, the Video RIFL can be connected to an external monitor as an aid for teaching.


  • Fits standard ET tubes size 6.5 mm and larger (pediatric working length available soon)
  • Bright white LEDs never need replacement
  • Powered solely by two lithium CR-123 batteries
  • Clear, high contrast image
  • Tip maximally articulates 135° to navigate obstructions
  • STERIS Process Compatible Components

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(Sample use Video Below), training slides here


Video RIFL use through SGA (on mannequin)

Download Directions For Use HERE