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AI Medical Devices provides innovative visualization instruments for airway management.


The Company's flagship product, the Video RIFL (Rigid and Flexing Laryngoscope), enables the practitioner to place an endotracheal tube with ease, even when facing unanticipated complications.

Developed by a team of physicians and engineers, the Video RIFL incorporates versatility and embodies innovation in technology and medicine. It is compatible with most supraglottic devices and allows for endotracheal tube placement with or without a conventional laryngoscope.

Management Team

  • Chairman, John Schwartz, Ph.D.
    • Dr. Schwartz is a former Associate Professor at Michigan State University and he is the senior engineer and designer of the Airway RIFL and the Video RIFL. Dr. Schwartz joined AI Medical in a full-time capacity since 2008.
  • RStribley
  • CEO, Ricardo J. Stribley
    • Mr. Stribley has 30 years experience in executive leadership roles ranging from research and development, human resources, business development and operations. Mr. Stribley recently spent twelve years with a major medical device manufacturer and distributor in various roles including Vice President of Operations and New Business Development, and Director of Research & Development. He has experience with company turn-arounds and mergers and acquisitions. He joined AI in 2008.
  • RSchwartz
  • President, Richard Schwartz, MD, FACEP
    • Dr. Schwartz is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician and Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, a Level One Trauma Center. He has over 20 years of experience in the treatment and intervention of high risk emergency patients, having provided medical care to thousands of patients. Airway management and innovation has been central in his clinical practice, research and educational programs. He and his brother John are the original developers of the Airway RIFL intubation scope.
  • HSetty
  • CTO, Harsha Setty, MD, MSE
    • Dr. Setty is currently an anesthesiologist¬† practicing in Columbus, GA and¬† finished his residency training at the Medical College of Georgia. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in both biomedical and electrical engineering from Duke University. His prior work experience has involved optical imaging, and he joined AI Medical in 2007 with a primary role of transitioning the product line to incorporate digital video capability.